The Game

Materials Needed
2 washer boards (the stadium)
4 washers (2 of one color and 2 of another color)
A large patch of grass or dirt (the playing field)
A soda or beer can of regular length (the measuring device)

Be the first person to score exactly 21 points without going over.
If you go over you must score exactly 31 points, but your opponent still only needs exactly 21 points (unless your opponent also goes over).
If you continue to go over you must land on 41, 51, 61, etc.
You automatically win if you go over 91.

How to Play
Place boards 22 feet apart (traditional washers), 18 feet apart (washers express), or 10 feet apart (washers to go)..
You and your opponent stand at the same board.
You each have two washers.
The person who is wearing the shirt color that would appear first in the dictionary throws first (ie blue shirt starts over grey shirt).
Throw one washer aiming for the PVC pipe on the opposite board.
Your toe may not go beyond the front edge of the board you are throwing from.
Your opponent then throws a washer aiming for the same PVC pipe.
You then throw your last washer and your opponent throws their last washer.
Walk down to the board and figure out the score.
The person who scored in that round is the person who throws first in the next round. 

How to Keep Score
Only one person may score in each round.
This means the person with the highest scoring washer is the only one who scores.
In case of a tie for the highest scoring washer no one scores.
A washer that is within a cans length away from the washer board scores one point. (The can should not be turned sideways.)
A washer that is balanced on the ridge of the board scores 2 points.
A washer inside the board scores 3 points.
A washer inside the PVC pipe scores 5 points.
If the only washers to score are in the one point range (beer/soda can length away), then the person with the closest washer to the board scores.
If no one is in scoring range, no one scores.

Scoring Example
Person A has 2 washers in the board.
Person B has 1 washer in the board and 1 washer within a cans length away.
Person B cancels out one of the 3 points scored by person A. Person A then has 3 points from his remaining washer. Person B cannot score.