Well it was another great washers tournament.  Thanks to Mandie (whose BPM -buckets per minute - for the tournament was like 17) for sponsoring the event.  Lots of “Take a Knee” and “Winner Loser” pictures for this one.
HSOYA Pictures!
JJ starts the bucket barrage early
Jolon follows suit
Jolon gets knocked out in the 1st round again
Jeff uses his muscle to advance to the second round
Mandie embarks on a record setting day
Emmy Strikes a Pose with her bucket shot
Mary joins the fun
Mandie doubles up
Mark’s first bucket ever
Another couple pitted against each other in the first round
Walt with picture perfect “Washer Man” Form
Eddie petitions for a doggie division
Jeff gets five on “All Natural”
Julie Bows out with a capital L
Walt Takes a Knee
Mandie is just getting started
Emily makes sure that Jeff won’t advance to the medal round
Surprise, surprise...
Nice shirt!
A familiar face?
Despite all of the fivers, Mandie misses the podium
Walt still fighting for a Medal
When spouses meet on the washers field, only one can be victorious
Emily takes Five
This bucket thing must be hereditary
Mark strikes again
JJ advances to the final
Walt can’t be stopped
Face off for Blue and Yellow
A wild stadium in its natural habitat
The White Medal game
North tip-toes so as not to disturb the game
Mark’s first of the Medal Round
Mark hits again for the win
JJ takes the blue, and Walt walks away with yellow
The Medal Ceremony
Jeff hits the first “Traditional” bucket
and the second
It is team challenge time
Fiances face off
Mothers and Daughters too
Flying Washer
Jen and Grandma take it all in
Katie clinks one home
JJ is hot
but Mandie can’t be stopped
One more for Walt
You again?!?
Jeff hits it home
JJ wants to win
Bucket, and a canceled bucket
The Battle for Blue begins!
Medal ceremony - White for Mike and Sarah
Yellow for Mandie and Jeff
Blue for Mark and Jolon
That was hard work, time for a nap
Look! I think the baby is practicing washers in utero!