High Street Open (HSO)
It was an epic tournament, three chances to take the BLUE, and the first ever double elimination bracket.  One for the ages...  Don’t forget to check out Page 2!
Tongue and Groove unveiled
Train Conductor JJ throws out the first washer of the tourney
Beth wants her half point
Scoring time!
Emily and Jolon go Head to Head
Tongue's 1st Bucket
The 1st
and the second
Emily sheds a tear for lost glory
Must be the mustache
Julie and Choco wait their turn
Dave showed, but an injury kept him off the field of play
Sarah and Beth talk about Washers Glory
Josh VS Gemma
Matt and Sam face off
Gemma makes it look easy
Sam celebrates while matt tries to shake of the “shame”
Josh knocks Gemma out of the singles round
Sam and Julie battle it out
Julie takes a knee
Sam is destroyed (emotionally)
Number three already?
Josh takes taking a knee to the next level
Watch out black washer
Sarah knocks Josh to the floor, maybe drinking will solve things
JJ knocks Jolon out of contention AGAIN, but will he get revenge?
Dog days of Fall
Sam puts 5 on the board
Sam wants a fight
Jolon takes him on in an exhibition game
:-) :-(
A bucket, but E for exhibition, this won’t count toward Black
Sam Claims another
But it is not enough, and JJ takes home the Blue
Five for Fiveing
Singles Awards Ceremony
Sarah is playing for two!
First the honoring of the sponsors!
Sarah takes white....Is that a sword?
Sam takes Yellow...For real, have you guys finally lost it?
Out of Control or the future of the games?
JJ takes Blue (whether he wants it or NOT!)
Formal Pict Time
Sam hits his first bucket
Sam is trying to catch up with JJ
Team challenge Time!
On Washers To Go
Matt is a creative Photo taker
These are through an actual regulation washer
JJ celebrates as Momma Clark watches
Jolon celebrates while Emily is sad
Happy times at the Washers Tourney
Winners & Losers
Losers & Winners
The epic hour long battle
Clarks face off
A bucket for the baby?
Matt looks on INTENTLY
Emily is worried for her man
Sam enjoys the day
More buckets
Finally we have a winner!
Finally we have a Bucket during regulation
Sponsors face off
Bucket Time
Who says the high five is dead?
High Street Open (HSO) Pictures